HiVi H4 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System
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 In the Swans Antarctic release, the H2 is the first product of the Swans H series. After eight months of development, the Swans H4 debuted in Swans H series. The highlight of the cabinet design lies in its exquisite craftsmanship and the cutting edge technology of the new electro-acoustic amplifier circuit.

  H4 is a luxury speaker made of natural ebony veneer and polished with the piano technique surface only applied to flagship products. The product is entirely hand finished and hand painted. When the H4 is placed under a soft light, the shine of its quiet and luxurious texture is well refracted and revealed.


The cabinet front of the Swans H4 is covered with a leather panel and piano lacquer. The embossed soft leather has a rich and smooth texture.

  The H4 is a 2-way electronic crossover design installed with the active crossover / frequency tuning circuit. Driven by Swans’ latest 19mm hard metal dome tweeter, TN19-S, its diaphragm is made in durable components yet its weight is extremely light. Its separation of frequency is so high that is beyond our hearing range. In order for the H4 monitor speakers to possess top performance, the pairings of the treble drivers are incredibly precise to ensure the perfect frequency response crossovers.


The H4 bass is a new 4-inch mid-bass woofer G4N in a bowl shape. The longer stroke design in the H4 increases circulation for air. The small cabinet design possesses the same dynamic and dipping that can be found in large size speakers. The low frequency can extend smoothly to 60Hz, with a system frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz ± 3dB (free range), optimal for professional monitoring.



System Series

Active Crossover Monitor Speaker 2.0 System

System Type

Two-way 4th vented speaker system

Drivers Configuration

4" Bass-midrange driver

0.8" dome tweeter 

Frequency Range




Nominal Impedance


Power Range

10-60 W  

Amplifiers System

Rated Power

45W RMS/Channel,90W RMS/Dual Channel

Active Crossover Frequency


Bass Adjust

±2dB (100Hz) 

Mid Range Adjust


Treble Adjust

±1dB (10KHz) 




THD<0.05% ( 8Ω、1kHz、)  

Input sensitivity


Input impedance


Input Max


Dimension(W×D×H ) :


Net Weight (each)

4.23 Kg